Meet the artist- Sunshine Evetts

Hi there! I studied ceramics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1993-1998 and then I took a long hiatus from clay while raising a family and pursuing other passions such as hiking, gardening, vegetarian cooking, animal rescue and earth stewardship.

Almost thirty years later in February of 2021, a friend suggested I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. This book made me remember that I am an artist!  I set up my old wheel and began potting again. It was amazing! My skills were rusty, but I was instantly hooked on the feel of earth in my hands, the hypnotic spin of the wheel and the satisfaction of creating something both beautiful and functional. 

Now I am a small batch house potter in Eagle Idaho! My motto is- “Hands in the mud and feet on the earth, doing strange things in the name of art!” I want to make mistakes, grow and be led by my inner childhood creativity.

My pottery is both functional and sculptural with a large dose of whimsey added for fun.  Potheads have emerged as my main body of work. They are wheel thrown plant pots with faces sculpted onto them, perfectly imperfect creations just like us humans.   I love to play in clay, and I hope to make you smile!